The Jackal Range from Sussex Armoury

All of the Jackal range was based around the same basic sidelever action, usually housed in a black ABS stock. Identification can be tricky as none of the rifles carried any model designation. Basically long barrels are Parabellums, medium barrels are Hi-Powers and short barrels are AR7s. If there is a pellet tube fitted on top of the barrel, it is a Firepower. If it has 'Jackal' on top of the cylinder it is a Sussex Armoury, if it has 'Air Arms', it is a  later Air Arms version.

The barrels were excellent and were manufactured by SIG-Hammerli and secured via a simple grub screw. The majority of surviving rifles seem to be in the .22 calibre although .177 and in the case of the Hi-Power .20 were also available.

Loading taps were available as spares, so in theory, by changing the loading tap and the barrel you could change the calibre of the rifle. This
feature has allowed some strange hybrids to be produced, and the ability to change the sound moderator further complicates the picture. On this site I have tried to stick to the production models.

Another optional extra was the magazine. It came standard with the Parabellum and AR7 but not with the Hi-Power or Firepower. These were simple ABS structures secured to the main ABS stock with two screws.

The addition of the pellet tube on top of the barrel that created the Firepower has also found its way onto other models both as a production option and as a homemade modification. It also made an appearance on some of the later Air Arms models.

The last two optional extras were the sound moderator and the muzzle weight, the muzzle weight was designed to rebalance the rifle if a scope was fitted.

The AR7 departed from the black ABS norm with a short run in both Arctic and Jungle camo, these are very rare. The ABS was incredibly strong, with one tested in Airgun World by having pellets fired at it which it survived without significant damage.

The Sussex Armoury Versions

The Parabellum          ABS

The AR7                     ABS           - also sold as the Hunter

The Woodstock          Wood        - initially a parabellum with a wooden stock, later AA used the same name for the Hi-Power with a wooden stock

The Woodsman          Wood

The Match                 Wood

The Hi-Power             ABS/Wood - also sold as the Sporter

The Firepower           ABS/Wood

The Air Arms versions

The Hi-Power             ABS

The Combat               ABS

The Bora                    Wood

The Mistral                 Wood

The Carmargue           Wood

The SE90                    Wood

The EX88                    Wood

The Khamsin               Wood          - thumbhole stock

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