The Jackal Parabellum


The first rifle offered by the Sussex Armoury was the Parabellum which was released in 1977. Its statistics were:

Weight                       7lb 8oz

Overall length            45 inches

Barrel length              18 inches, 2.5 twist – made by the Swiss firm SIG-Hammerli

Calibre                       .177 & .22

Max FPS                      580

Trigger Pull                 1 – 4 Ibs

Stock                          ABS

The parabellum was a popular rifle both because of its military looks and its hardwearing ABS stock.  The long distance between the fore and rear sights meant that it was pretty accurate straight from the box. Initially offered as .22 only, the .177 was released in September 1978.

For those who disliked the military styling, the parabellum action was also offered in a wood stock. The unimaginatively named ‘Woodstock’ was identical to its ABS encased brother, with the exceptions that the overall length was reduced to 44.5 inches and the weight increased to 8lbs.

The last time I can find these rifles offered for sale is 1980.

Here is my boxed minter!


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