The Jackal Hi-Power


The Jackal Hi-Power was launched at the European Hunting Shooting & Fishing Exhibition in Paris in March 1979, its statistics were:

Weight                     8lb 2oz

Overall length          41 inches

Barrel length           15 inches

Calibre                    .177, .20 & .22

Max FPS                 589

Trigger Pull              1 4 Ibs

Stock                       ABS & Wood

The Hi-Power appears to be a meeting of ideals between the Parabellum and AR7, the barrel is longer than the AR7 which slightly quietened the discharge but shorter than the Parabellum making it more manoeuvrable

The Hi-Power is the most common of the range and remained in production until Sussex Armoury ceased trading in February 1982 although in the final advertisments it is called 'The Sporter' and is offered in both ABS and wooden stocks

The Hi-Power is certainly the most prolific on the market. I would estimate that 70% of all Sussex Armoury rifles that I have seen come up for sale are Hi-Powers. The most common calibre is .22

The near legendary .20 calibre is a rare beast, marketed as the 2020 the only external difference from its .177 and .22 brothers is the large military styled lettering '5 MM' on both sides of the stock. I have one .20 version and surprisingly a spare .20 stock.




I'm lucky enough to own a mint Hi-power in an original box


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