The Jackal Firepower


The Jackal Firepower was created by adding an 'autoload' tube over the barrel of the Hi-power. The autoload held around 30 pellets and gravity fed a single pellet as the user operated the loading tap, its statistics were:

Weight                       7lb 12oz

Overall length            40.5 inches

Barrel length              15 inches

Calibre                      .22

Max FPS                     610

Trigger Pull                1 4 Ibs - later models were not adjustable

Stock                         ABS

The Firepower suffered a little from inconsistent seating of pellets from the autoload system. The review in the January 1982 Airgun World noted that  "The best result I managed in 2 1/2 hours of trying was a little over 50 per cent of the pellets perfectly seated". The sights were also called into question in the same review.

The Woodstock version weighed in at 8lbs and was fractionally shorter at 40.25 inches.   

The last time I can find these offered for sale is March 1982

There are various pictures and adverts of an AK47 lookalike made from a Firepower. I have found references to a model number JK47 from the Pheonix Arms Co, but I am not lucky enough yet to have seen one of these 'in the flesh'.

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