The Jackal AR7


Following close on the heels of the Parabellum was the much sought after Jackal AR7, released in 1978, its statistics were:

Weight                           7lb 10oz

Overall length                35 inches

Barrel length                  8 inches

Calibre                           .22

Max FPS                          580

Trigger Pull                     1 – 4 Ibs

Stock                              ABS

The AR7 was designed as a hunter, the short length ideal for manoeuvring in close woods, inside buildings or inside hides

The AR7 came fitted with the Singlepoint SP220 as standard; this was a ‘both eyes open – red dot sight’

In 1978 one of the Sussex Armoury customers asked for an AR7 action to be provided with a wooden stock, the results were so impressive that the Jackal Woodsman was born; this version of the AR7 was the same as the ABS stocked version with a different sound moderator

As with so many of the Sussex Armoury range, the AR7 on top in the photo has had a different sound moderator fitted at some point in its life.

Another boxed mint condition rifle from my collection

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