The Pheonix Arms Company

I have it on good authority, that
Richard Marriot-Smith attended the Sussex Armoury liquidation sale and bought up all of the actions, barrels etc that were available as well as all of the remaining autoload mechanisms.

Richard went on to create the Pheonix Arms Company (pheonix rising from the ashes of the Sussex Armoury I presume).

The most famous of their creations was the JK47, basically this was a modified Firepower with some decorative additions.

These definately used up the old Sussex Armoury stock as the two that I know of both have 'Jackal' on the cylinder.

The one below belongs to Fred and as you can see is in absolutely mint condition

These were for sale in Airgun World but very few seem to have survived.

Here is some additional data that Fred kindly provided

* Overall Lenght is exactly 34 inchs short 10 inch barrel
* Weight measured by a commerical electronic scale whopping 8 lbs 2 oz
* JK is a .22 /5.5mm
* Main cylinder body is engraved "JACKAL " in large letters , hidden by the unique Phoenix metal top breech plate
(very heavy steel) that is screwed to the cylinder.
* It has special fake curved magazine.
* No sling attachment points or hardware provided
* Front sight is unique to JK47 gun and is very heavy thick steel, held in place by threaded nut.
* Estimated pellet velocity 575 fps. with Beeman Silver Jet
* Retains Sussex design push button cocking lever release
* I believe the JK47 may have a unique external trigger adjustment

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