Other Products from the Sussex Armoury

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the Sussex Armoury sold many other items as well as air rifles. The company originally made its name by selling good quality replica and blank firing pistols and accessories, have a look at the catalogue on this site to see the products in all of their glory!  This page shows some of those other products

Replica Pistols


The above pistol has seen better days but note the Sussex Armoury 'Jackal' badge on the grips


With the replicas came a set of accessories, the photos below are Sussex Armoury branded holsters for their replica pistols.



Blank firers



Sussex Armoury stocked an extensive range of blank firing replicas, I found these full tins in with some old air rifle pellets


And hows this for intriguing, blatantly the same layout and graphics but branded Webley & Scott!


Sussex Armoury imported a number of their products from Italy. Below are a couple of boxed examples of the truly awful RO72 pistol.

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