Welcome to my website!

I have launched this website to share my passion for the Sussex Armoury range of air rifles and associated products. Generally known as "Jackals", the rifles were available from the late-1970s until the early 1990s, later models being enhanced and sold by Air Arms.

Jackals came in a range of models and in both ABS and wooden stocks, details of which can be found on these pages.

Please enjoy this site, I am always looking for parts, literature or guns to add to my collection so if you have anything to sell, get in touch.

Whats New!

In order to stop my brother banging on at me, I have finally got around to uploading some photos of the Jackal 2020 that I picked up earlier in the year; you can find them on the Hi-power page.

Also added in this update are some new pellets in the pellet section.

I will be adding to the For Sale section of the site soon as I have far too many rifles and would rather they went to people who will use and enjoy them.


If you have any feedback on how I can make this website better please contact me.

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