The Sussex Armoury in the Press

Throughout the life of the Sussex Armoury, there were numerous magazine articles and advertisements that talk about the company and their products in the popular magazines of the time.

These articles appeared initially in UK and US magazines and later in the popular airgun press around the world.

I don't yet have permission to post these articles here, but I have asked and if successful, will post here for you to view. Until then, I have just listed some of the magazines and the article title.

Airgun World           June 1978               Hunting with the Jackal AR7

Airgun World           September 1978      The Jackals Lair a visit to the Sussex Armoury

Airguns On Test       1980                       The Jackal Hi-Power

Airgun World           July 1981                Inside Airguns

Airgun World           September 1981      Jackal Pack - Hunting with the Firepower

Airgun World           January 1982           Gun Test - The Jackal Firepower

Guns                       April 1982               Day of the Jackals

Airgun World           November 1983       Gun Test - The Air Arms Woodsman

Rifle                       March-April 1986     Jackal Parabellum

Airgin World            September 2005      Bulmer strips the AA Hi-power

In-focus                   Issue 7 2007            Remembering the Hi-power

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