Identification of your sidelever rifle

As I have mentioned a few times on this site, identification can be problematic as with the exception of the Air Arms ABS stocked versions, none of the models carried model identification.

The flow chart below attempts to lead you through the identification process. Good luck!

To view the picture more clearly, right click on it and select 'view image'


   You need to take account of non-standard muzzle weights / silencers when measuring overall length

   All Air Arms ABS models left the factory with a gold sticker on the right hand side of the rifle above the trigger with the model name on it

   Still trying to identify the Air Arms Rapide and Supra. Currently I believe that these were different model names rather than different models

   There is some evidence that some of the very first Air Arms rifles left the factory with ‘Jackal’ on the cylinder. People have also created hybrids over the last 30 years

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