Work is killing me and I really need to clear some stuff out

I have a original dummy magazines for the ABS rifles, these came from the Sussex Armoury liquidation sale. These are the last of the Sussex Armoury made stock and all come with sliding bases. These are 12.50 posted       
Buy here with PAYPAL

I also have stocks from Sussex Armoury, both the normal Hi-Power (very limited numbers) and the extended Parabellum, but only have top covers for the parabellums. These are 40 each

I have a number of Hi-powers for sale, condition varies from poor (but still shooters) to excellent. Prices from 110 to 300

I have most of the wood stocked Air Arms models and again prices vary from 150 up depending upon model

I have Firepowers for sale from 150 and a number of AR7s for 200

I also have too many BSA Meteors and Super Meteors as well as all sorts of other rifles

And don't get me started on vintage pellets! Anything you are after?

If there is anything you are looking for, drop me a maily, you never know, I may have one that I will part with

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