The following advertisements appeared in all of the airgun press during the late 70s and early 80s. The advertisements chart the growth of The Sussex Armoury and the rifles it produced.

Early Parabellum and Woodstock advert


The Jackal AR7 with Singlepoint sight


The AR7, Hi-power and Firepower, note the peepsight on the Hi-Power


The three orginal rifles, the Parabellum, the Hi-Power and the AR7


The Jackal Firepower with its gravity fed pellet tube and the new wooden stock for the Hi-power. Note that the name Woodstock has been retained and that the AR7 is now just refered to as the Hunter


The rarest calibre. The .20 Hi-Power

and the rarest livery, the very limited run of Artic and Jungle AR7s,
note the changed muzzle


The sad announcement of the Sussex Armoury liquidation sale


And then rising from the ashes of the Sussex Armoury, the Phoenix Arms Company appeared. Note the Jackal 30 shot 'JK47' which is undoubtedly a modified Jackal Firepower

Here are some early Air Arms adverts


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