Why create this site?

Back in the 1970s when i was a young boy, I looked with delight at the Sussex Armoury advertisements, offering their amazing range of military style air rifles.

I guess looking back, this was only 30 years after the end of the war and all boys my age still entertained themselves ‘playing war’. I think this gave my generation an affinity with these military styled guns.

Back then, I couldn’t afford one of these air rifles, instead spending my time learning to shoot with Webley and BSA rifles belonging to my older brother.

In 2007, I found a second hand Jackal for sale and bought it straight away. It was in a poor state of repair but it brought back so many memories of the Airgun World adverts. Since 2007, I have bought these rifles whenever I can find and afford them. I have also been fortunate enough to meet former Sussex Armoury employees and talk over the history with them.

All of the information on this site has come from either my memories, the memories of those I have spoken to or researched from literature of the day.

Over time, I intend to approach such pillars of the airgun establishment as Airgun World and ask permission to reproduce some of their excellent articles, but for now,  i’m afraid you only have me and my memories!

I hope you enjoy the site, please feel free to contact me if you have any information, documents or products from the range, I am sadly obsessed and cannot resist!

There is a form under the Your Jackals section of this site that allows you to enter details of any Jackals that you have, I am compiling a list to see how many survived.

Here's something to wet your appetite for the site, original Sussex Armoury rifles in boxes - i'm a lucky chap!

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